We provide expedient, reliable and cost-effective services for large corporations and SMEs, making us one of the choice PRO companies in the UAE. Through years of local industry experience, we have built enduring relationships with key government bodies, allowing us to offer our clients a seamless and efficient process for all their company and visa requirements.
Our team keeps clients up-to-date with the progress of their requirements, leading to an honest, transparent and long-term working relationship. Our services are among the most competitive with Abu Dhabi and the UAE, which enables our clients to comply with local regulations while keeping their costs to only what is necessary. Whether you are a new entrepreneur setting up your first company or an established corporation building an office branch, we will guide you the processes and ensure you meet all relevant requirement on time.
Venture Plus has a major edge over other companies with its introduced Digital PRO ( D-PRO) software that has taken the UAE market by storm. D-PRO deploys a multitude of social media platforms, along side the traditional media and niche publications for its Public Relations work. Designed by technical stalwarts and experienced Public Relations Professionals, D-PRO services undoubtedly surpass any traditional PR methods or techniques.

PROs or Public Relation Officers are government certified professionals responsible for establishing a channel of communication between businesses and the Government. PROs specialize in keeping a firm grip on a company’s legal, administrative, human resource and financial aspects. Mostly, these aspects are distributed into different tasks such as legal documentation, business approvals, license renewal, implementation of government reforms and visa services for employees, dependents and domestic workers etc.
Public Relations Officers are highly sought after in UAE due to their connection across various government departments and in the field of knowledge of documentation and clerical processes in the country. UAE’s economy is developing continuously and company incorporation avenues are expanding proportionally making the role of PROs indispensable. To prevent penalties, PROs make sure these legalities are met with timely executed procedures and duly maintained records. A delay in such matters can spell great disaster for the employee or the investor, resulting in the deportation of an employee or permanently disqualifying a company’s trade licence.
Every company in UAE has two options: To handle all legal documentation works either by hiring an In-house Public Relation Officer or out-sourcing their Public Relations Operations to a professional Public Relation Consultancy company, like Venture Plus Consultancy services. Venture Plus has a major edge over other companies with its recently introduced Digital PRO ( D-PRO) software that has taken the UAE market by storm.
Saving up to 40%
No dependency on PRO
End to End Transparency
Reduced Turn- around Time
Highly result-oriented
Legally Compliant
Low Investment for Start-ups, SME Companies
Comparatively no risk than maintaining conventional PROs
We provide Free Cloud Services-D-PRO ERP
Job tracking and auto reminder available
An Experienced PRO Panel
A Dedicated PR Focal for each company
24x7 Remote Assistance
Your 360 Degree HR and Administrative Service Provider
Arabic Speaking Government Relation Officers
Legal compliances team
UAE Local Employment Assistance
Digital Platform and Paper-less Transactions
Expert Management and Finance Team
Expert Legal and Operations Team
Qualified and Expert Public Relations officers
Human Resource and Payroll Management
In-house Typing and Transaction Services
Legal Translations Assistance
Drivers and Messengers Services
Save on: Staff Salary, Bonus, Leave Salary, Travel Expense, Fuel, Car Rent, Parking Space, Toll Fee and much more
Enhance your ICV Score
Trace Certified
ISO Certified
Member of EIC

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