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The Solution

The company's Leadership started considering how a digital platform could assist its work in 2014, Venture PIus was finding more and more companies turning to it to resoIчe Admin, IegaI compliance and pubic relations issues and that too with problems that required considerable human effort, Its cIients were frequently caIIing with complaints of delays and were often chasing paperwork against tight deadlines to register and trade in the UAE, The process required more transparency wherein Venture PIus and its partners could view and track progress, Many of its cases were unique and took a good amount of time to find a solution, Venture PIus reaIised the benefit that couId be gained from developing a system that could avoid the occurrence of these types of compliance issues, establish quality checks and monitor and execute tasks digitaIIy, This Ied to the development of a digitaI management system for Pubic Relation Operations, The first ERP version was Launched in 2014, It was established to assist companies to register and help run their admin operations but was not the silver buIIet solution, In 2019, the system was upgraded to what is now known as D-PRO, D-PRO is whoIIy owned, designed and developed by Venture PIus and eIiminates the need for cIients to chase progress via emails and drasticaIIy reduces the IegaI compliance issues to arise, Venture PIus can manage these compIex processes seamlessly and submit the progress digitaIIy via a dashboard interface, provided that the companies give Venture PIus approval via mobile, This has brought numerous benefits to cIients, Before the impIementation of D-PRO, Venture PIus' customers reIied on their manuaI, time-consuming methods to manage their Operations, Within a month of using D-PRO, the time has been curtaiIed considerabIy, AII cIient records are centraIIy stored and instantIy accessibIe, with automated notifications sent to remind customers of their own obligations to compIy with and approve various processes

Having caIcuIated the cIient PRO costs, Venture PIus beIieves its digitaI system can provide a 40% cost reduction, On top of that, it provides superior service with fewer surprises, deIays and uncertainty, and greater visibiIity via a dashboard interface, The overaII resuIt Iooks promising for D-PRO's growth, So far, Venture PIus has had zero dropouts of companies that registered with it for a soIution, The manuaI to digitaI transition had demanded a sustained effort from both the company and the cIients and it was chaIIenging to get over the reluctance to accept the change, both internaIIy and externaIIy, However, the company took advantage of the COVID-19 situation to repurpose and reaIign its work cuIture, with training and deveIopment and heIping its stakehoIders to navigate the 'new normaI,' The same approach was taken with customers, some of whom had stiII remained reIuctant to make the digitaI Ieap, But as more and more discover the cost and quaIity benefits to be reaped with D-PRO, it is assured that D-PRO wiII continue to gather momentum through 2021 and beyond.

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