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Business Setup in Abu Dhabi Mainland


Why Abu Dhabi?

The city is witnessing rapid development across industries including manufacturing, transport, tourism, healthcare. Below are some highlights:

  • Long term gain at affordable costs

Annual trade license renewals can often be a costly affair. However, starting a business in Abu Dhabi is not only as affordable as opening a company in Dubai, but also sustainable. Why? Mainly because the trade licenses are valid for two years. This allows entrepreneurs to focus on actualizing their business goals instead of worrying about the legwork involved in renewals.

  • Quality of life

Abu Dhabi has been voted “the most livable city in the region” by Global Livability Index 2021. The city offers an attractive cosmopolitan lifestyle, yet the calm favored by families. Given that the city is home to expats from across the world, the residents can choose from a wide range of attractions, including international food and entertainment.

  • Trending business activities

One of the main advantages of business setup in Abu Dhabi is that the city provides a favorable environment for specific sectors, which include —

  • Manufacturing of equipment for the oil and gas industry: Production of valves, pumps, fitters, tankers, turbines, and compressors, among others
  • Oil and gas supply, distribution and Consultancy: Companies that deal in buying and selling of the resources
  • Providing logistical support to the oil and gas industry: Business which help move the petroleum
  • Marine activities: The Abu Dhabi ports provide a suitable environment for companies that manufacture materials used in the marine industry. More importantly, their businesses can run smooth due to close proximity with other GGC nations and also reap the benefits of offshore facilities

Benefits of Abu Dhabi business with ADNOC

For oil and gas investors, associating with Abu Dhabi Oil Company (ADNOC) is perfect for starting a business in Abu Dhabi. In many cases, it is also obligatory to get a permit from this governmental authority’s Supreme Petroleum Council (SPC). The SPC is the highest energy decision-making body and important one for any business conducting oil and gas related activities. Some of these include supply and distribution of oil and gas to and from ADNOC, manufacturing of equipment that aid the industry, and logistical support, among others. Furthermore, any other businesses, even if it is a cafeteria or a grocery store, located within ADNOC’s jurisdiction need to get approvals from SPC.

Companies in Abu Dhabi’s oil and gas industry are set to benefit from ADNOC’s continuous boost to the volume of business brought in via its various governmental partnerships.

Business Licenses Available in Abu Dhabi Mainland

  • Commercial License – This license is for businesses engaged in trading activities, such as buying and selling goods. It allows companies to import, export, distribute, and store goods within Abu Dhabi Mainland.
  • Professional License – Doctors, lawyers, engineers, consultants, and accountants need a professional license to practice their respective professions in Abu Dhabi Mainland. This license ensures that individuals meet the necessary qualifications and adhere to professional standards set by regulatory bodies.
  • Industrial License – Businesses involved in manufacturing, processing, or industrial activities require an industrial license in Abu Dhabi Mainland. This license permits companies to set up factories, production facilities, and warehouses for manufacturing goods.

Required Documents and Steps to Obtain Your Business License

Abu Dhabi has designed the business licensing process to be simple and straightforward. Here is the process for securing your license and the documents you’ll need to have ready:

Required Documents:

  • Passport Copy of the Shareholder
  • Proof Of Address of the Shareholders
  • 6 Months Bank Statements of the Shareholders
  • Personal Profile of the Shareholders
  • 3 Proposed Companies Name

KYC Application, which will be provided by Venture Plus

Steps to Get Your Business License:

  • Choose the Right Business Activity
  • Select Your Legal Structure
  • Register Your Trade Name
  • Obtain Initial Approvals
  • Pay the Necessary Fees and Obtain License

Business Entities Permitted in Abu Dhabi Mainland

When you form a business in Abu Dhabi’s Mainland, you’ll have several choices of business structure, including:

  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Partnership
  • Public Shareholding Company
  • Joint Ventures
  • Local Branch (UAE)
  • Foreign Branch
  • Free Zone Company
  • Foreign Representative Office


Get started

To learn more about the benefits of starting a business in Abu Dhabi, get in touch with Venture Plus Consultancy Services for the Business Setup and Specialized Administration & Management Services.  A free consultation with one of our company formation specialists will help you get a clear picture on the suitable jurisdiction, corporate structure, costs involved, documentation required and other formalities for setting up a business in Abu Dhabi.

Venture Plus Consultancy can help you every step of the way. Our comprehensive services cover everything from business licensing to legal frameworks and visa applications, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free business setup journey from inception to completion.


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